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Auto Cloud Back Up of Your Photos - pt. 2

The Auto Upload (also know as Camera Upload, Instant Upload, Auto Back Up, Photo Sync) for the photos you take with your mobile device is a handy feature that can save you a lot of troubles in case your phone or tablet goes missing.

Mega is one of the cloud storage services that provide that feature.

The Photo Sync is really easy to use, but there is a trick. Your photos will be uploaded instantly only of you use an iOS device. Android users must open the app in order to sync photos. Not very Android-friendly of you, Mega! 
back up photos
The settings are similar with every other service, but Mega has a lot to work and upgrade on this feature.

The last one is a personal favorite -

Auto cloud back up
Copy is a small and relatively new service, but it is in no way inferior to the giants in the cloud business. The feature there is called PhotoCopy. And is simple and clean. There options only for enablening and  using WiFi. The service creates a PhotoCopy folder in your account and uploads the pictures from your mobile device there.

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