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The pCloud Transfer

pCloud has a new independent service to offer its users. This is the pCloud Transfer. To use this new free file transfer platform of pCloud, simply go to and you will get the following start screen. A nice bonus is that you don't need to be a registered user in order to use the service.

Basically, through this new platform you can send multiple files (up to 5GB in size) to other users, who also don't necessarily need to be registered users of pCloud. However, if you register to the pCloud service, you will be able to send files with unlimited size, as long as your quota allows.

In order to use pCloud's free file transfer service, simply enter your friends' or coworkers' emails in the Friend's Email field. When you enter an email, simply click Enter on your keyboard and the email address will be added to the list of emails on top of the field. Alternatively, you can click the + Add more friends option to enter other email addresses. Then, enter your email in the Your Email section, below the other users' emails. This email address will appear as a sender to the email your friends will receive. After you are ready with entering the addresses of your recipients and your email address, add the files you intend to send using the + Add Your Files section on the screen. You also have the option to enter a message to your friends, explaining details of the content you are sending. However, you may choose to leave this field empty. When you are ready with all of the aforementioned steps, click the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen. At this point you will get a cloud screen, showing you the progress of your transfer. To the right of it you will be provided with the option to go to your pCloud account, or, if you are not registered yet, to register an account.

When the transfer is already completed, you are provided with the option to copy these files to your pCloud account or send more files.

When your friends and colleagues receive an email notification for the transfer you are performing, they will get the following:

This screen contains information about the sender (i.e. their email address and their message); a list of the files being sent; an expiry date for the files (they can be downloaded within a period of seven days); an option to Download the files and an option to register to the pCloud platform. When you click on the Download button, you are presented with the following screen.

At this point you have the opportunity to view your files, copy them to pCloud, or Download them. When your recipients open their email, containing a link to your files, you will get a notification that they have received your files. This way you can be sure that the transfer has been successful.

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