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Cloud Storage 101 - How to choose

If you have a busy and diverse lifestyle like most people, you really need a cloud storage - not only for your files, but to back up all your data as well. Backing up is the single most important thing for you in order to be sure that your hard work will not be lost. 
Choosing an online back up cloud storage may seem difficult and complicated, but actually it's not. You just have to ask your self a few questions and answer them your self. 

  • How much space will you need? And think one step ahead, "one step" meaning "at least an year ahead". The good news here is that even if you chose a free cloud storage service with limited space, most cloud storage providers offer an upgrade to more space and possibly more features. 
  • Can you afford it if its cost goes up? Online cloud storages are not too expensive (100GB Google drive costs $4.99/mo. Dropbox goes $9.99, sugarSync - $7,49 and justCloud hits it low with $3,95). But if your budget is limited you should think about combining a few of the free online storage services, but that will possibly make your life harder. 
  • How often is your stored data going to be accessed? If you need constant access from web, desktop and mobile you should search for an online storage back up provider with all of these features.  If you plan to only back up the important files you are free to chose from services that have limited ways to access your files, but provide more free storage space.
  • What information is going to be stored? With so many services to choose from you should look for the one that fits you. For instance - if you plan to store mostly music files make sure that the cloud storage you choose has a music played. If you are going to store documents, there are services that provide online editing. 
There are many online cloud storages out there and our mission is to help you choose the right one and teach you how to use it to its fullest.

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